• The conscience of the common man had not been aroused sufficiently regarding slavery. The bone of contention was British Emperialism at that time. The wheels of justice grind slowly but they were grinding. Arab slave traders were doing a brisk business even so.
  • it's becuase at the constitutional convention, when the delgates thought about the idea of slavery they decided to wait until 1808 to thing of a solution to it
  • The Founding Fathers decided they had enough on their plate with the Revolution. They decided that ending slavery would be far too divisive a matter to permit them to unify as a single new nation. So they put it off. But I understood that it was indefinitely.
  • For the same reason it hasn't ended by 2009. People get enslaved, chained and then CLING to the chains as if they were a life-line instead of a millstone! People are sheep, who would rather be thrown a bone than have to deal with the stark reality of life in the natural world!
  • The new nation been founded was created for white people blacks were regarded as property similar to livestock !

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