• Get drunk and ramble about how bad the world is to them. blah blah blah! Go to sleep! The world will be better and brighter tomorrow. +5 Mary Maguire!
  • Post silly questions on AB :)
  • Calling in a bomb threat to your own office.
  • make themself nearly drown, hurt themself physicaly. don't pay attention to them. they aren't worth your time. =P
  • Pierce their body so many times you would think they would leak when they took a drink. Tattoo their body so much they look like the missing link.
  • Balloon boy. White House dinner crash. Class clown. Exiting a car like Brittany. Any thing a male does between 15 - 30.
  • Act like there all mad dog all the time.
  • talk loud!! boy that sounds stupid!!
  • Wear their pants under their butt and show off their underwear. It nevers makes anyones butt look attractive and I don't understand what is sexy about droopy, poopy, looking pants. And how are you suppose to look like and individual if so many are doing it? Stud earing in the tongue. Girls do it to get attention most of the time. They think its sexy. I just think you went through a lot of trouble to look like a whore. After all most guys will only think you got it for one reason. So you'll get attention but is it the kind you want?
  • ... "Look mom, no hands!" ...
  • Wear short skirts, have their tits just about hanging out.
  • Pretend to be a lot sicker than they really are. I mean let's be truthful. When was the last time you knew someone who died of a head cold? Great question Mary McGuire
  • there is this one guy who i cant stand. i havent been able to pin point ONE reason i cant stand him ites all little things... (p.s he is my partners best mate) one of the things that really annoys me is how he treats my Boyfriend. he always puts him down, teases him... my bf thinks its all funnyahaha! but this guy always does it when we are in a group in front of others, not when we are alone together. i think he does it to get the attantion of the people around him. I had a few ppl come up to me on the weekend jsut gone, who had never met him before and they said ot me "he is an arse to your bf, and they are meant to be mates" ehhh cant stand him! but my bf cant see why hahah... he loves the attention that loser does!
  • They try to expose the body in public.
  • Act like jerks and say really obnoxious things that are mean for no reason.
  • It is when they bitch when people look at them.

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