• I believe its more in regards to the fact they do not want a bunch of vigilantes out running around looking for someones head to put on the chopping block...where as back in the old days most sheriffs were pretty miuch vigilants themselves +
  • a murder for a murder +3
  • No, considering white folks commonly are'nt able to differentiate blacks from one another. Could you imagine the body count? No effing way should that be an effective way to bring about justice.
  • They were just searching a couple of blocks away from me for that guy. Well, in this case, the cops probably want to kill him themselves. Or at least have a chance to. But, anyway, you know, we are supposed to be civilized now and not kill someone before they have their day in court and all that.
  • Some may agree that an eye for an eye is just, I'm truly not that far from the idea, but America is supposed to be a civilized place, despite such atrocious incidents. I think being a bounty hunter is illegal, but hey don't quote me on that one. They want information, they'll take it from there. I myself much prefer that option, rather than knowing that a bounty hunter might be out there. It's a little scary, especially if it's not a professional.
  • Because the U.S legal system is now based on innocent until proven guilty. Among other reasons. They also only ask for information, not for civilians to personally arrest them. These men are 'allegedly' armed and dangerous, they don't was law suits from the grieving family of someone that thought they should apprehend a criminal.
  • Just imagine all the trigger happy short sighted would be bounty hunters blazing away. Brings Yosemite Sam to mind trying to get Bugs Bunny. Apart from that, shooting is too good for him.+5
  • hey, i just saw a wanted poster reward for a convicted murderer who looks a lot like you... in fact maybe it is you... are you sure you want dead or alive? i could shoot first and id the body at the morgue. doesn't that sound like a good idea?
  • Yes, a bounty hunter should have that option, Mensan. It's just that nobody wants to use the words, "death, dead, kill, murder, etc" anymore because we live in a hysterical society that sees death as a bad thing in all cases.
  • I will not give bounty hunters the right to play God
  • I agree,,, maybe they assume that they want the murderers to be alive so they can question them,
  • I am afraid it's another "politically correct" situation. 99% save the crook - God forbid that this innocent, bludgeoning, rapist, crook have his rights questioned. Just leave the victim SCREAMING for NON FORTH COMING JUSTICE~

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