• The press will make every effort to make sure that it is. Can we really believe that what is reported is accurate anyway?
  • Ugh.....I mean really, keithold, what's the big deal? Why all the hullabaloo? Not from you. From the media. Good grief :( outta points
  • Can't see how. He's attempting to keep his own private business his own private business. More celebs and the such should look into that practice.
  • Probably not, and that's a good thing. He's not some jerk whose escapades are daily fodder for the tabloids. This, too shall pass and things will get back to normal on the golf course.
  • Mainstream media perhaps, to fans of golf it won't. He had a car crash. Whether or not he had just had an argument with his wife, is anybody really bothered. I'm pretty sure Woods doesn't care what the media have to say about it all.
  • not at all when his career is done hell be one of the best ever , if not the best .... this wont tarnish anyting
  • It could be more damaged by the story of him being with the Model and not his wife on the night it happened. You know what the tabloids can do with a story like that. On the whole who cares? Most celebrities behave badly at some time or another. They have too much money and power too young.
  • I think so. People like one set of rules for everyone. Can you imagine telling the police, "I will tell you what happened at my accident when I get around to it"?
  • I think he is more worried about his finances. Did you see he has like millions invested in
  • I doubt it, celebrities get away with murder these days.... just ask OJ.
  • It depends on whether he is covering up for his wife attacking him or if he was trying to drive under the influence of something.
  • Did he crash into you?
  • As long has he continues to play golf at the level he does, I don't think this will affect his reputation much. Most sporting figures reputations are this way. +5
  • I don't think so, appears he may be a victim of domestic violence, he'll probably get sympathy.
  • To me it wont, hes only human after all, people tend to put celebrities up on some high pedestal, when they are just people like us, they just have more money generally.
  • Not as a golfer. However, he'll probably have to retake his golf cart driver's license test. ;)

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