• Anyone who is a notary can. Places that sell cars often can. Banks have them. Courthouses usually have them. Just research notary online.
  • Check at a bank, or post office...a court house is also a good suggestion.
  • Any one who is a can usually find them working in banks! Or some one can be one all on their own...they don't have to be lawyers at all!! Any one can be a just have to be certified, keep a file cabnet with all the records and have a embossing stamp to make it all legal! Plus you can make extra money...but you need to keep the legalalities in mind as well!! If you have a nice bank where you do your banking business...they should provide the service for free!!
  • People all over the place can. Paralegals, some secretaries. My aunt June became a notary and I don't think she had a job!
  • A notary public.

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