• Glenn Miller is the one I know best... Here is a subjective article with 10 famous players... and here are a couple more names...
  • Tommy Dorsey, one of the greatest of trombone players is famous for The Spell of the Blues and The Boogie Woogie. Glenn Miller, a trombone player, invented the Big Band, kickin' off the cleverly named "Big Band Era".
  • Christian Lindburg he is a very talented person and can play the song Flight Of The Bubblebee, which is a very difficult song.
  • Bruce Fowler. Wikipedia says: "Bruce Lambourne Fowler is a prominent American trombone player and composer. He notably played trombone on many Frank Zappa records, as well as with Captain Beefheart, and in the Fowler Brothers Band. Currently, he composes and arranges music for movies, and has been the composer, orchestrator, or conductor for many popular films. Bruce is the son of jazz educator William L. Fowler and the brother of multi-instrumentalist Walt Fowler and bassist Tom Fowler. He is the father of Rhea Fowler, bass guitar player for The Naturals."
  • Fred Wesley of the J.B.s, James Brown's backup band. He also played with George Clinton's Parliament-Funkadelic, the JB Horns, and others.
  • Check out that website, it has tons of information on just about anything trombone related.
  • I met Joseph Alessi when I was a grad student in Texas. He is the Principal Trombone (player) with the New York Philharmonic.
  • Nils Landgren from Sweden. He was a session player for Abba in the 1970s, but more importantly he is a great Jazz trombonist working today. His band is called the Funk Unit. Some of the best Jazz trombonists beside Glenn Miller are J. J. Johnson, Kai Winding, Frank Rehak, Steve Turre, Frank Lacy, Curtis Fuller, ALbert Mangelsdorff, Julian Priester, Willem van Manen, Bernard Hunnekink In Ska, Don Drummond was the best. In Reggae: Vin Gordon, Rico Rodriguez, Ronald "Nambo" Donaldson. Bruce Fowler in Rock Music (with Zappa a. o.), and Vivian Stanshall from the Bonzo Dog Band.
  • im gunna be a famous trombone player one day..u wait n watch.... im gunna make history...:) music is my passion!!! lol

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