• infrared used 2 heat food in microwave to tranfer data in old mobiles, if was used
  • There are hundreds, maybe thousands of uses for infrared light, which would be hard to name here. I will list a few that come to mind: 1) Infrared light detectors can sense thermal radiation given off by animals and other warm objects at night. 2) Encoded infrared light is used by nearly all remote controls for television, DVRs, etc. 3) High power infrared light can be used to heat or burn things. 4) Infrared light is the most common type of light that is used with long distance fiber optic cables. Different wavelengths of infrared light are modulated and sent down the fibers, and then received at the other end. 5) Infrared light can be used to trigger certain chemical reactions. 6) Infrared radiation given off by stars, galaxies, nebulae, etc. tell astronomers a lot about what these objects are made of, how hot they are, how fast they are moving, etc.

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