• Sorry...the link was too many characters to post with the question itself. This is a recent story of a 14 year old young lad who died a sudden and horrible death in Poquoson, Va this last weekend. He was working with two other people doing some tree trimming and using a wood chipper. Evidently, the shovel he was using got caught in the woodchipper and he was literally sucked completely through the woodchipper. This would have happened very quickly...a matter of seconds. The scene was evidently so traumatic that the first responders will be receiving professional counseling as a result. I have lost both my parents, but they had lived full lives. I have known shipmates who have lost their lives as well. I've seen people horribly injured and some who have died as a result. But I simply cannot wrap my mind around what the family and friends of this young man must be going through right now.
  • his poor family and the teen was so young with so much potential :-( dang.
  • this same thing happened in Ontario California there was nothing left but blood and mulch, nobody heard about it because the worker was an a illegal
  • That is pretty bad, only 14, I think a slower death would be more painful and therefore more gruesome.
  • Well my little cousin use to be in this..... Dangerous!!!!!
  • It sounds pretty grim.
  • That is just horrible! That poor kid!
  • A buddy of mine got pulled down into a industrial cardboard baler at a packing warehouse we both worked at. They kinda look a little similar to a chipper if it were on end and about 20 feet tall. We were 15 at the time, our first legal jobs. They said it was quick and painless, but I've been in the exact same spot and have seen the shredder on top that he was trying to get unjammed. And There's no way he didn't feel it. Damn shame. He was a good friend.
  • There is a site called and they have many stories of people that eliminated themselves from the gene pool.
  • Well definitely not on my top ten list of ways to go, but you have to think it was almost instantaneous. As a former O.R.Tech, I've seen possibly worse ways kids have died.
  • I lived in Florida where a young man fell from a roof he was taring into a boiling vat of hot tar. That was as bad. Nothing is worse. Thanks Chief.
  • In France, Jacques LeFevrier left nothing to chance when he decided to commit suicide. He stood atop a sheer cliff and tied a noose around his neck. He tied the other end of the rope to a large rock. He drank some poison and set fire to his clothes. He even tried to shoot himself at the last moment. He jumped and fired the pistol. The bullet missed him completely and cut through the rope above him. Now freed from the threat of hanging, he plunged into the sea. The dunking extinguished the flames and made him vomit the poison. He was dragged out of the water by a kind fisherman and was taken to a hospital, where he died of hypothermia.
  • What an awful thing for this family! I hope this sparks some safety precautions for this type of machinery. This sounds way too dangerous to be using.
  • A terrible way to die at such a young age. . I once happened to witness an accident where a worker in his late teens fell into a hammer mill. Though the mechine was switched off immediately, all that was left was bits and pieces of crushed flesh and bones. . These things happen, I suppose.
  • What a way to go. Not really. They've done this on CSI once as a murder, and I know it's happened, but I can't imagine it, especially with one so young.
  • Unfortunately yes. The Algerian hook for one thing. But then just about any kind of torture where you slowly die can be pretty gruesome.
  • There's being slowly decapitated with a hunting knife on the Internet. That can kind of suck. Do wood chippers come with emergency shut off buttons or levers?
  • You know what, I dont think I can, sounds very messy :(
  • Gee, thanks for that.

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