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  • Of course, we know they do. Most pregnancies are intended.
  • I am a man, and yes I do. Why you ask, because in the UK, i think girls treat the subsequent baby like a new toy. They get bored of it very quickly.
  • I'm a woman and I believe it. I think a lot of women do, consciously or subconsciously.
  • Women should only get pregnant on purpose because they are consciously wanting a child by both parents. PARENTS. Many many women get pregnant on purpose to try and trap a man. I've seen it and it is really sad because it's the child that is going to suffer the most.
  • Yes, and if they arent, they say they are to get you to stay with them. This has happened to be three times so there you go
  • I would certainly hope not...Dudes if you are sleeping with a girl who you think is capable of becoming accidentally on purpose pregnant you should probably take a minute to seriously ponder your relationship and if you think its a good idea.
  • alot of womon do, some even do it just to trap the guy.
  • Oh yea! Its how they lock you down when you are about to leave. :)
  • Some, but I've found that most have convinced themselves that women like to cry.
  • Some women have done exactly that, to try to "trap" a man into marrying them. After having recreational sex with a woman several years ago, she looked me right in the eye and said, "I hope you have made me pregnant." She was devastated to later learn (when she didn't get pregnant) that I had undergone a bilateral vasectomy at the University of Iowa hospitals (Iowa City IA) on August 31, 1973, and was sterile. A man MUST be a responsible lover, or he is NOT "a man," IMHO. +5
  • Ok there have been on occasion times when women really do that to lock a man into a relationship. I highly doubt that most women do it though. Usually when the couple is under the institution of marriage, it is an agreed upon thing. If most women really did it on purpose then wouldn't men object more? There are 5-6 billion people in this world. I highly doubt most men object and sometimes men don't even know they have a child so that goes to show that those women wouldn't want to do it on purpose because who in their right mind would want to raise a child on their own?
  • Actually, some men really do believe that and some women actually do get pregnant on purpose. But its rather foolish. I once got pregnant on the pill and my dearly beloved bf was convinced that I tried to trap him!We were both 32 years old, not kids. I felt angry and crazy that he would not beleive me. Eventually, he turned around and crying told me he'll do anything I want. I did not want him any more. I think sometimes when a man thinks a woman got pregnant on purpose he is projecting his own fears. Another time I had broken up with my bf and then found out I was very pregnant. He was happy and hopeful and that it would bring us back together. Another twist.
  • Some do and some dont
  • There are a lot of women with head problems just like there are a lot of men with head problems.
  • Depends on the relationship and person! :-)
  • Yes, some women have proven that they do.
  • I do. Women have enough knowledge about contraception - men’s and women’s - never to make a 'Mistake'
  • Of course. Some go out of their way to count their days every month until the time is right, then get blind drunk in a club to pull random sperm donors. Apparently!
  • If a man finds it that a women is really into them, then yes, some men do believe.
  • My husband thought i got pregnant the first time on purpose. it was just his fears and his thinking however many years after the birth how screwed up his life will be. But some women do puposely get pregnant, some dont. This 2nd go round it wasnt me trying to pregnant, he was freaked he wouldnt come back from deployment so he was trying to get me knocked up. Didnt work.
  • some do
  • Yes, it happened to me and it happens many times a day now.
  • Women don't just get pregnant, the man impregnates her. I think it's hilarious that people think like that. If you ejaculate in a woman's vagina don't blame her for "getting pregnant".
  • To be totally honest ...yes!, there are some women that do this on purpose
  • Do you really believe a woman's never done that?
  • YES!!! 95 percent of them are obsessed with parenting and will do anything to fall into that trap.
  • some bi***es are crazy..i've heard some fact i've heard many things they actually think the guy will stay with them..what they don't realize is that the guy will leave and she will be left alone with a child..without a husband
  • the only type of women i can see doing that are groupies that try to get pregnant by an athelet or a man with lots of money. thats so wrong though. just b/c she's ready it doesn't mean he's ready or that he wanted kids with her! i would never do something so stupid! it could definitely back fire one somebody, even the child.
  • yes we do, cuz some women do
  • Yes. Some women will plan it because they just want to have a child of their own. Others do it because they think it will cause their boyfriends to become more committed or marry them. Many women in love with a man will not be upset if she becomes pregnant with him and so will do nothing to prevent it. When I was more sexually active (1960s through the 80s)women were often very lax about contraception unless they had been through an abortion. So many if not most men my age learned to be very careful and always used condoms and/or avoided having an orgasm and ejaculating inside our dates and girlfriends.
  • I think so. I also think there are some women/girls that are too stupid or uninformed to figure out how not to get pregnant. Some perfect examples, check the Am I Pregnant category.
  • Some women have done it, but that's not the norm. Some have resorted to that as some form of strategy to keep a man around whom they thought they were about to loose. The strategy sucks, but that's what they thought.
  • ha ha ha, I LOVE this question. Yes, they do believe that. It AMAZES me how they can refuse to wear a condom, know they arent using birth control and still have the audacity to accuse her when they get caught. What the heckdo they expect to happen? If you arent using condoms during sex, you are leaving it totally, 100% up to her to decide for you. If you know she isnt on BC, you are trying to make a baby.
  • Some men do because some women do.
  • Yes, some wommen use sex as a trap. I believe it can happen and women do get pregnant on purpose.
  • God wills it, I know it, but who can call them on it?
  • Well some women do get pregnant on purpose.
  • yes, because some women have gotten pregnant on purpose. 1. it si an ancient trick to land/keep a man 2. it has also been used to land child support/ free money for the next 18 years 3. some women see a baby as someone that will love them unconditionally 4. some just hear their biological clock, like the tell tale heart, ticking away.
  • Yes +5
  • Some women actually do get pregnant on purpose, I knew a girl like that. Her boyfriend was starting to be more distant so she went off the pill. I doubt a lot of women think like this or do it, but there are a few out there.
  • Yes, How else do you explain the holes in the condoms and diaphragms? Or the spitting out her birth control pills after you saw her "take" it? Does happen.
  • Depends on how you mean "on purpose". . I know for a fact a woman can not conceive at will even during her fertile days. . HOWEVER, there is a wide chasm between "not meaning to" and "meaning NOT to". Yes, I believe that women get extra careless and extra forgetful when they FEEL it wouldn't be such a bad thing to be pregnant, or they FEEL there is just too much pressure on them, or they FEEL that it just isn't fair that women get pregnant and men don't, or they FEEL babies are so very wonderful ... . Suddenly, the woman is with child and when asked she says, "I DON'T KNOW how it happened. I didn't MEAN to get pregnant." . She's telling the truth. .
  • Well some do. My mom wanted me and my dad knew that she did and work hard of knocking her up. Wow Im actually not a mistake!!
  • Yes, some very confused, depressed and suicidal women get pregnant on purpose. I can't imagine any other reason why a woman would want to get pregnant. However, most of the time the men are forceful and the women end up with babies they didn't want or need.

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