• Yes, I am a bug murderer.
  • I think it is, unless they're poisonous and you have a small child running around. I regularly get Beetles and Spiders in my bath, I simply lift them out and put them in the corner, they're harmless after all, but if a Wasp was going around my house I wouldn't try to catch it, I'd kill it, Wasps are dangerous. It's the size difference for me, if an insect is of no harm, then killing it will always be unjustified, being scared of it doesn't justify killing it either.
  • I feel bad killing any bugs...but those Centipedes...Ewwwwwww.
  • Yes, it is wrong, but I do kill them, unfortunately. I have made a 'deal' with the bug world that if they stay out of the house, I'd leave them alone. But if they come inside they asked for it. At least I'm trying not to. Sometimes I just let them out, but the dangerous ones I kill. I have 4 inquisitive cats that I have to think of.
  • No; if you've ever had bed bugs I'm sure you wouldn't think so.
  • I think so - live and let live. I was faced with a dilema around this over the summer. Had a huge underground hornets nest in my backyard. I could hardly go outside without getting stung and had my dogs to think about also. Ended up gassing them - there must have been a thousand corpses, just crazy. I felt really bad having to do it though.
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      Haha,I have to have my sister kill them for me,I'm so terrified if them. She's brave! :)
  • Personally, I cannot kill anything. I ask them nicely to go away, or break my neck trying to catch them and get them out the window. [I hope the fall doesn't kill them]
    • Rick Myres
      Let us all know when one or more answers you.
  • I have no problem killing roaches, bed bugs, lice, fleas, palmetto bugs or scorpions.
  • People thinking it is murder to kill bugs AKA pests. Oh me.
  • I understand where your coming from here , however I do kill certain bugs, water bugs for one, roaches, fleas if humanly possible spiders no they help in fact I have a pair in my bathroom.. Ants get the raid and disappear,for the record I see many water bugs on the streets at night and never killed one yet, but in my house there dead bugs walking
  • Is it wrong for them to bite me?
  • No and don't feel guilty about this.
  • Bugs Bunny ? Why you wanna kill him ?
  • Most people would say no,but I've always thought so. Not so sure why...they are a life,though. I'm sure they suffer.
  • It is if you are a Buddhist.
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      Lol,I sometimes feel that way too,but I am Catholic faith.
    • Mircat
      Being kind hearted and compassionate isnt a religious thing. It's a human thing.
  • No, in Gen. 9:3 after the flood God said " Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things." Frankly I'd rather have the green herb than eat a bug, but at least He gave us the choice!
  • i dont think so, id be in big trouble if it was and i would never have gotten rid of the bedbugs at nny place if they didnt do heat treatnnent or sprayed there or if i hadnt gotten rid of nny bed and couch. sonnetinnes you gotta do what you gotta do

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