• Several times. That's where I sometimes get inspiration. Most of the time the recipes turn out pretty good the first time its made. The second time I fix everything to my taste & its great....or I just dump the dish altogether. ;)
  • Yes I make Emeril's over fried chicken it comes out great.
  • Yes I have done it a time or two. They turned out ok. I liked to write down the recipes on the "Rachel Ray" show. She makes some really easy meals. +5 Karyn
  • Yes. I love to use their recipes. I watch the show and then I print the recipe off the food networks website. I've had a few disasters but most of the time they turn out really good.
  • I tried two of Rachel Ray's. The first one was GREAT! The second would have been too if I hadn't added the couscous....I didn't know until then that I don't like couscous.
  • Yes, some time ago. It went rather well.
  • Yes, I do it regularly actually. I just made a French Apple Tart from Ina Garten and it turned out really good.

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