• LOL! I guess it may be harder:0)
  • Obviously because they legally have to let you know that this is not a "live" performance.(Like SNL is.) The reason they state "live audience" because some shows are taped with no audience and canned laughter or applause may be added in post production. Not a funny answer, but the real reason they have to say that.
  • It seems that Jay Leno's new show is being taped befe a dead audience.......
  • LOL indeed..............I wonder where one would obtain a dead audience, ( thinking you may need hundreds of dead bodies to do such, but I guess even one dead person is not a live audience )
  • It's them letting you know it's not a laugh track.
  • Too funny! They should also state that the tickets were all given out for free too!
  • The opposite of LIVE AUDIENCE is NO AUDIENCE at all. So they use that phrase to show there is interest to their show and it is so high that people go there to watch it LIVE. Even if the audience is payed to be there - that increases the show's rating so "Taped before a LIVE audience" is just kind of a marketing strategy.
  • To differentiate between live laughter and canned laughter I expect. Some shows have no in-studio audiences. Some do. Maybe the shows with in-studio audiences also enhance things with canned laughter. I hope not! :)
  • The death occurs after you have been bored silly for one hour usually.
  • I understand what your query is implying, Mensan! But way back when, they used to "dub" voices laughing and reacting to the show; when, in fact, NO ONE was even there! So when they say, "Taped before a live audience", they're simply letting you know that "voices and laughter" were NOT dubbed in! But. . . . .I think you ALREADY knew that ^_- !!!!!!
  • A lot of canned laughter is actually very, very old recordings and in all likliehood the people are indeed now dead.
  • You could probably count the taped "canned" laughter as dead, since those tapes are so old that the people you are hearing probably are dead.
  • Good question! . I've always wondered why they call it "process cheese FOOD". . Aren't they sure? Are they hoping they can convince us, against all evidence (;D) that it IS food?
  • Some of the rubbish on tv may have killed the audience with boredom.They are reassuring us I believe. At least it isnt "canned laughter" Although how you get laughter in a can is beyond me and surely if you take off the lid to see if you caught it , It will escape??+5
  • That was hilarious mensan I'm gonna tell that one on Monday in class if you don't mind of course

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