• Because I am alive at this moment, I have yet to have a "last" anything. I have "most recent" events, however... +5
  • A couple weeks ago.
  • Last week
  • I was really drunk and had the drunchees so i tried to order a pizza. I don't remember and i don't know why, but my friends say i called 911. ...lame.
  • just now!
  • May be three years ago i dialed the wrong number.
  • About an hour ago. +5
  • Years, but that may be because I rarely call anyone
  • Yesterday. I called 599 to call the telephone exchange. The gentleman who answered told me the telephone fault repair number is 199 and 599 was the number of the ambulance service!
  • Last week. Of all the numbers to get wrong ... it was my own. I called to leave myself a note, about an appointment, on my answering machine. I knew I screwed up when some sweet little old lady answered instead of my machine. I think she was lonely because she wanted to have a conversation, even thought she didn't know me. :) +5
  • I have never dialed a wrong number. Sometimes though CIA agents intercept and reroute my phone calls to random people. This is probably what is happening to you too.
  • A few years ago, I called my buddy only to hear "This is the Army Recruiting Station, How can I help you?" now Im in Iraq! Damn my typos!
  • A few months ago I called my mom on her cell phone and my brother answered (which I thought was strange) I said "Where's mom?" He said "Mom? There is no mom here?" I realized I called the wrong number and this guy that sounded a lot like my brother had no clue as to who I was.
  • When I was around 14-15. And I dialed wrong number on purpose to see what will happen and have some fun. Since that time no wrong numbers dialed.
  • I can't remember when I dialed a wrong number , last ... it has been at least a couple of years .. +5
  • i got a missed call on my cell. I called the number. the guy said he never called me. He said i dialed the wrong number. My boss gave me his number to call him at home. I called that number. the person said I had dialed the wrong number. I called the right number, I was given the wrong number. . BTW, dialing is kinda out of date, yet we still say we dial numbers.
  • at least a couple of years ago..but I often receive wrong number calls. +5
  • Not for a while now I have all my numbers on speed dial :)
  • This morning, mixed up the 866 thing and got a hot sex chat line !!! lol ( no I won't give you the #) lol ! +4
  • Today. I have a hard time dialing the phone because the numbers are upside down from a cash register.
  • A few months ago, I called a vet looking for a lady named Sharon who I was told (by a friend) would be able to help me with a sick guinea pig. I dialed what I thought was the number and when a lady picked up I asked to speak with Sharon, she answered "speaking". So I proceeded to tell her I was told to speak to her regarding my ill pig, she then stated "No, I can't have guinea pigs here, we have allergies in the house"... confused I explained to her that I was given this number as I was told she knew about guinea pigs and would be able to give me some advice. She answered with the same response. Still confused, I apologized for bothering her and hung up. My friend asked me how the conversation went (genuinely concerned) and I told her that the silly cow didn't know what I was talking about. My friend, baffled, asked if I was sure I wrote the number down right and she wrote the number for me. I compared the both and I was a number off. LOL what are the chances of getting the right name but wrong number? I felt like such an ass after that hahaha
  • A long time ago. I mostly use my cell phone's contact app to make phone calls. On times I don't, I dial a number carefully, so no one unknown answers the phone and says, I got the wrong number. It can be a bit embarrassing and time consuming when I need to make a phone call instantly.
  • Since I use my iPhone's address book, never.
  • I don’t think I have ever dialled the wrong number but a few times I rang the wrong person in my contacts list on the iPhone. There is a difference between pressing the wrong contact on the phone and actually dialling a number manually when that particular number is not in the contacts list.

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