• You may be texting and calling your bf too much because you feel insecure and are looking to him for reassurance. In daily life most people want to be able to go about their business or work without being texted and called all the time which they would find annoying. Especially if your bf is really into his work or whatever he is doing. However maybe your feeling that he is slipping away is accurate, but don't base that on whether he answers your texting and calls. When you are together does he seem distracted or like he does not want to be there? Does he act distant like he does not care about you? When you do not call him will he call you or does he just not call you at all? These are more accurate signs that he is slipping away.
  • Sounds like he's already ended it with you but he's too chicken to say so. I think he's just waiting for you to take the hint and do some fading away of your own. Sorry.
  • sorry but after reading your questions and comments it definatly sounds like hes gone. 2 weeks is a very long time to not communicate. delete him off your msn and his number and hit the town!! :)
  • Maybe you're sending him too many texts. Maybe you need to actually talk and figure shit out. Not everything is his doing.
  • You might be too insecure and sending too many texts and calling too often. Or he might be a jerk who just doesn't care what you think. You can ask him about the former. If the later is true, walk away.
  • Start looking for a replacement
  • you need closure. have some serious talk about your situations
  • If he doesn't text or call in a day,ditch him and forget about him forever. Saying he's too busy is the lamest excuse ever made. It takes 15 seconds to text or are worth way more and much better.

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