• The parents. Unless the kid has already missed a lot of school days, I would think the parents would fight the ruling. +5
  • On the side of the parents.
  • The parents side.
  • the Parents all the way!
  • A parent and child attending the funeral of a local veteran to show their respect and to support the family and community is commendable. It's a lesson in honor, sacrifice and community. Suspending the student is not right.
  • What prison disguised as a school do you attend. I never would have any problem no matter what my parents told the school if I wanted to stay home as a kid.
  • The parents. There are other ways to get an "education" than school. Respect is something that is taught, usually, at home. Respecting the veteran's family, service to the country, and experiencing the town's/city's/county's turnout for a local war vet is something they will NEVER get in school. There were times I know of that families pulled their kids from school, because one of the parents had to go somewhere historic, and they decided to make it an educational trip for the kids. While the one parent went to their meetings, or whatever, the other went with the kids to show them things. Many times, though, the kids had to write an essay on what they saw. My sympathies are with the parents, and they should fight this, through the courts, if they have to. It should DEFINITELY be fought in the local newspaper, so others know the situation, and apparent rules of the school board.
  • Is this a hypothetical situation? If so, where the heck are you writing from!?!?!? . We need to teach our kids a lot to prepare them for real life and not all of it can be learned at a desk in school. I woudl have thought ALL educators would understand that. . Even if the schoold disagrees, I believe the parents opinion, both legally and also ethcialy/morally, should be the decider. . If by cite mean fine, I can't imagine what country give such rights to a school!
  • I'd be pn the school side. But only because I would be setting the building on fire.:-)

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