• Nope +5
  • Hope it is not too serious
  • Nothing like that has ever happened to me. Do you know when you had the stroke? Did you notice anything different about how you were feeling?
  • Ouch! Was it high blood pressure? I'm sorry to hear about that. I hope you have a full and speedy recovery! : )
  • I have strokes all the time, its never really been a big problem for me.
  • Well heck you are lucky. At least they didn't tell you there wasn't a brain in there. I am just kidding of course. I suspect you should feel lucky however. If you didn't realize you had a stroke then I am assuming there isn't much physical which has changed. It is however a warning sign so take the necessary precautions necessary and take good care of your body. Hope all will be well.
  • i had a stroke once, don't believe what they tell you in catholic school, it doesn't make you go blind. anyway, you shouldn't be going to felines for medical help, they think licking it's the cure for everything.
  • Hi Theby, No, I haven't ever had anything like that happen to me. Strokes are less likely to happen to vegetarians than omnivores so I'm a bit surprised (and are naturally rare in vegans). Do you eat much dairy? Have they put you on some form of blood thinner? It's great you don't have a tumor!
  • I am sorry for this news, and happy u hav"nt brain tumor. Iam complaining from mild recent memory loss but not confusion, but how can stroke passed unnoticed, anyhow, try to avoid the risk factors of sroke ( wether haemorragic or thrombotic ), by the way, confusion and memory loss are signs of alzheimer disease either.
  • I have not had that happen, alhumdililah! And i am so surprised it happened to you, at least you dont have a tumour or brain cancer, inshaallah. I hope all goes well for you Theby, i'll keep you in my prayers :)
  • no, thats never happened to me

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