• World's unfair, the way it is.
  • Thank you, that is a wonderful question. I have avoided going to funerals...especially ones that the people who died where mean troublemakers. What do you say? How do you act?
  • I hate the insincerity of it. If they would really like people to like the deceased, the truth would actually help. "Bod could be a petty son of bitch, but he was a good guy anyway." I would like Bob.
  • Because no one wants to talk bad of the dead, although I have heard people say that the only good thing that guy ever did was die.
  • I have never heard of anyone saying anything bad about someone at that person's funeral. I guess it just isn't done is all I can say. +5
  • Never speak ill of the dead or they can follow you home and haunt you. That's one reason I have heard. +5
  • Maybe its our subconscious way of not wanting people to talk bad about us when we die - like a karma thing.
  • Because the Grim Reaper is a prankster. I swear he drew a mustache on my dear grandma Marie.
  • "Don't speak ill of the dead." Is something my grandma always said. I suspect that there is a bit of superstitious shudder at talking ill of the dead, a bit of fear that we might invoke the ghost to come back and really show us what nasty is. Someone once observed something along the lines of: "According to obituaries nobody mean dies"
  • It's partly out of a sense of kindness -- the dead person is not around to defend themselves and, honestly, I think the speakers are thinking more about the feelings of the deceased's loved ones than they are about their inclination to state the unvarnished truth.
  • Well you wouldn't want to say they are really tight wades and squeaked when they walked, that just doesn't make you sound or look respectful yourself so you just say they were nice and forget about it.
  • I hate it. People are so insincere, it's insulting, because you KNOW that they will do it when you die also. If I think that someone was a jerk, I'm going to say that before and after their death. I won't lie about it.
  • There is an ancient superstition against "speaking ill of the dead". Some have carried this idea to an extreme. +3
  • I think it is out of compassion for the family of the deceased that people are generous in their descriptions. I once said a guy was a real jerk after he had been murdered. He was and the fact that he had been brutally murdered didn't make any difference. The police were questioning everyone who was on the same vacation as he was. The officer looked at me and said I would love to have you as a witness in all my cases. At least I know you would tell the truth!
  • To quell human nature. Because if we told the truth about everyone- we'd all get together dig the bastard up and torch him.

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