• I have just recently gotten into creating art, and I know I am not any good at it. My favorite piece that I have done is actually my avatar. It is an oil painting on canvas, and it is called "The Wrath of Winter". I don't like the cold and it is representational of how much I dilike it. In the painting, the "ice lady" is coming and bringing winter with her, and she is killing the trees. (as a side note...I love trees so its basically killing one of my favorite things). Corny I know, but I love it and spent hours on it, even after my daughter smeared it with her hands and I had to go back and fix it. I also did a piece (oil on canvas again), for my mother who died of cervical cancer. I did the ribbon for cervical cancer, and then put wings on it, and then at the bottom there is fire with the words chemo in it. It was a very emotional painting for me. Sorry to keep rambling, but I love discussions about art. Great Question!
  • I've done paintings, sculptures, worked with wood, and my favorite medium is textiles. I've made wall hangings, weaved, sewn, and quilted things that I feel are my personal art. Here's some photos of two of the quilts I've got hanging. I don't have a lot of wall space so I have to switch them around at times.
  • My late wife tried to teach me drawing. All my attempts sucked and were consigned to the flames. +5

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