• I don't fear it. I know where I'm going after,,
  • True. +5
  • If "you" means me? False. I have never really feared death. When I was younger and the end of life so far away, I was convinced I would never die. Now that I am closer to the end of my life than the beginning, I find it as a comfort to know that this long dreary life is rewarded with rest. I suspect that our society has a built in dread of death. Nearly everything is geared toward eternal life, eternal youth. We as a culture seem to be terrified of dangerous things like corners on furniture when here is a baby in the house, or mandating wearing seat belts. Further we are so far removed from death in our daily life, back when I was a kid folk still viewed the dead AT HOME not at some funeral parlor. We place great store in the quantity of life, caring nothing about the quality of that life. Thus euthanasia is 'taboo' for humans, while we think its humane to put a dog out of its misery. So as a society it may be 'true' that we 'fear death' at one point in our lives more than another. I think it boils down to the individual, the life they have/have lead that determines the dread of that undiscovered country.
  • false, i think quite the opposite actually.
  • False. Its got nothing to do with age at all, except that children and people in their twenties before the aches and inconveniences start, seem to be able to assume that mortality is so far off as to be immaterial. Good for them. I guess that if you do fear death, then getting older just forces you to face your fear on a more regular basis. But that's not having less fear, that's just getting better at living with it.
  • Middling. I've noticed that I've less fear of death than I was younger, yet I've noticed a lot of older folks scared spitless over where they may end up when they die.
  • I am not at all scared of death, but I *am* scared of dying.
  • False, You realize its getting closer and closer.
  • That is true for me.
  • The older I get, the less ominous it appears...however when my time comes, I'm sure I'll be somewhat scared.
  • I think that's a true statement; especially if you've already faced it a time or two.
  • False! The older I get, the more I resent the fact that it has to end.

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