• Easy. It's called Astral Projection. Look it up and enjoy.
  • I am not sure if you are asking the method of how to fly in dreams,or the way I fly in my dreams. I tend to fly facing the ground with my arms outstretched and usually fly about the height of 3 telephone poles or 3 stories high. Many times if I am chased in my dreams and am scared I turn toward the chaser and look at them,suddenly I am flying. The method I use is just before sleeping tell my self to look at my hands when I am in my dream.When dreaming I follow this instruction and each time I fly in my dreams.I have read many books on flying in dreams and this was the instruction.Why looking at the hands I do not know,just that it works for me.
  • I try not to, it freaks me out when I look down and realize how high I am. Not that I've ever been afraid of heights, it's the falling that usually kills you.
  • I fly as if I'm swimming under water, but only my arms move. I'm always about 3-4 feet off the ground.
  • I used to fly in my dreams by riding the carts at the supermarket where I worked.
  • In your dreams how do you get away from something bad? Now in one sentence what would your psychologist say about you?
  • Like thistledown whither and wherever I wish.
  • With my arms as open as my fly!
  • I just jump up into the sky and will myself to fly higher and higher...
  • I've flown in several different ways. The first, and most basic, is just like Superman, or Goku from Dragonball Z. The second is flying behind something, like a little machine or magic object that I hang onto. The third, which doesn't happen very often to me anymore, is if I fall off something high, I stop suddenly before I hit the ground and simply float there for a moment or two, then I usually wake up.
  • I stretch my arms out like a bird and jump off my bed and soar all over the room Then I dive, like I'm swimming and fly all over the room. It's fun!
  • I have to run jump, bend my knees like I'm kneeling, and flap my arms. sometime I don't leap hard or far enough and I have to redo it multiple times. My cruising altitude is usually about 100 feet.
  • In your dreams how do you get away from something bad? Now in one sentence what would your psychologist say about you?
  • Naked...
  • I have a transparent suit that helps me fly the only down side is I have to be naked for it to work.
  • I don't recall doing any special action to fly in my dreams, but I am always limited in altitude, to just treetop height, never higher.
  • Sometimes I just kinda "lift-off", sometimes I have to jump, and sometimes I'm doing something like hand=gliding. I dream about flying alot.
  • I have dreamt many a time that I was flying an aircraft,and in my dream I knew that I was not a pilot.
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