• Let it fully dry out and most likely it will work again. I pods are pretty tough that way - it might take some time to dry though - maybe a few days. Dry it edge on - so the water can drain out the little holes on it's side.
  • Apologize and mean it would be a good thing. Offer to help pay for another one or anything else you can think of to pay her back be it chores or something else. If you have an ipod, let her borrow that. You could buy her a cheap mp3 player at dollar general as a temporary fix.
  • Try to dry it with a blow dryer and do not try to turn it on for several days.
  • Buy another one for her that's better.
  • yeah buy her a new one
  • First of all, be honest with your sister. Don't try and hide it, or pretend that it wasn't you, she'll just be angrier in the long run. Explain what happened, and explain that it was an accident, and that you are very sorry. Don't turn it on. Let it dry out for a few days, and then try. If it works, great! If it doesn't, she'll need a new one. As you were the one who broke it, it would be decent for you to offer to pay for, or help pay for, a new one.
  • I would put it someplace warm for a couple days and try it but be prepared to buy a new one. I dropped my digital camera in the lake once and it didn't work afterwards. I opened it up and let it air out in the warm house for about 4 days and it worked. I am still using that camera 6 years later.
  • DO NOT TURN IT ON!!!!! Wait until it is completely dry or you will fry it. My son did this with his cellphone.
  • place it on a dry paper napkin standing on end placed on top of the water heater in your house, this should dry it out quickly and the temperature on top of the water heater should be about 100 degrees depending on how old the water heater is, better try this with a small dial thermometer to find the right spot to place the ipod; I wouldnt turn it on for a few days, so however you decide to dry it out, your going to have to fess up to dropping it in water
  • Yes, I would wait for 4-7 days for it to dry out. Good Luck!
  • Go to Apple store. Before, I guess you can use TunesKit to fix the issue at home with no data loss. If no use, just repair the device.
  • that sounds intentional. you have issues. buy her another one and discuss what your problem is with her, so this doesn't happen again or escalate.
    • Linda Joy
      Do you know this person? Why would you assume it was intentional?
  • Put it in a resealable plastic bag with silica gel or rice to dry it out.

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