• lol- I wish I knew.
  • Hmmm. The pot calling the kettle black......
  • I really don't know. Maybe people are mad when their writing them or maybe they just think that it will get their point across better? Or maybe they just think it will get their answer more attention.
  • Yours is a perfect example of your question. You capitalized and misspelled. Why, I really don't know.
  • Because when people are defensive in their assertion in the ideas they propose, they attempt to persuade through volume what they cannot prove through calm and reasoned statements. . Because AB is a text-based medium, raising their voices isn't an option, so they turn to harsh language OR CAPITAL LETTTERS. The exclamation point (!!!!!!) also serves the same function at times. . And while I really hate to do this, I do have to point out that it's "misspellings" (two s's and two l's), and that the grammatically proper end of your question would be "and ARE not quite grammatically WRITTEN." (With the required two m's in "grammatically.") . :-) +5
  • They are both the products of a system who's main job is brainwashing/propaganda.
  • I sometimes ask questions that could be seen as leading in an attempt to be humorous or to draw attention to an inequity. - Regarding capitalization, others have mentioned that it may be done for emphasis, like RAISING ONE'S VOICE, but don't forget that "god" and "God" are two different ideas. - I think the spelling issue is very simple. I often misspell words here on AB because my mind is moving faster than my fingers can type. Also, we have many members here that speak English as a second language. - I think the use of poor grammer has several different and sometimes overlapping causes. First of all, in a meduim like AB where we have discussions via text, we often write the way we talk. Also, like the spelling issue, many here speak English as a second language.
  • You should ask yourself the same question. I count two misspellings and one very grammatically weird thing in your question.
  • I think if you ask that question, you probably already know the answer. :)
  • It's ALL due to plain ol' sloppiness. They're jest not paying attention.
  • Beacuse education and wisdom act as a light on the darkenss of ignorance, and some of these people are still living in the dark.
  • I've come to believe that they they are basically two sides of the same coin. Self-serving extremists. One side wants to save their asses from the 'lake of fire' and make it past the doorman to heaven and the other side wants a licence to immorality and to rid themselves from a nagging conscience. ;-)
  • Cuz they are so angry they can't loose accurate motor control. And most Atheists are illiterate anyway, so...LOL! Just kidding. Haha, I'm sure some ppl thought of it, though.
  • Comes from reading Olde English in the Bible that nobody actually understands, even in England. Then forming an opinion.
  • both types are so frustrated about the other and about their occasional neighbour whos dog's puppy sometimes pees in their garden, and this neighbour, AND their puppy ofcourse being theist,or atheist, whichever the person himself is not... For theists atheists are the cause for all evil, and for atheists it's the theists.. and those darn puppies aren't helping to solve the situation either.... For that reason: I say we should blame the puppies
  • Me knot know whY dat peoples noT gets write religiouss questipions DONE write. Me TiNks iss bkause Day in a HURRY to answer maby so. Lot Passions in religgiouse arguments.

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