• Didn't anyone tell you? Unless you're an atheist, you are an ignorant, backwoods redneck bent on domination of the poor, suffering Godless folk that seem to get their rights taken away whenever you speak your opinion.
  • You are allowed to believe in God. However, believing does not give you the right to preach to those who don't, those who have differing beliefs or worship thier perception of God in a different way than you do. What is the old saying? "Don't talk politics or religion or you are sure to offend". If it is your intent to offend, then please disregard the above.
  • No believe and express away +4
  • You didn't ask for permission first :D
  • Yes, as long as you don't need to be popular. Here is 5 back with your membership into the infamous Club of Christians. Your admittance avails you of eternity in peace to ponder (or not) where those people that think you are nuts are spending their eternity.
  • Well, a few years ago I got downrated by a bunch of religious fanatics because I said I believe in freedom of speech. So it works both ways. Deal with it...
  • What ever steers your ship. Even if you fall off the edge of the world.
  • The hippies that screamed "God is DEAD!" in the 60s are now the ones in power.They have brainwashed a new generation of liberals that believing in God just isn't cool.
  • What exactly did you say?
  • Well, +5 for guts and integrity. . I haven't run across you on here before, but I looked at your profile. Keep the spunky attitude -- it'll come in handy on a regular basis and may help you make the world a better place than it is.
  • Well, you just rec'd over five times that amount in positive rating points for noting it in this question! What 'conclusion' could you draw from that? ;-)
  • Sure you get my vote, believe in God, just don't publicly admit you think a mangod holds the key to heaven and eternal fish sandwiches and chardonnay. Then you should be ok :) +5
  • Sure you can believe in god. And you should also be able to take the heat when your publicly expressed beliefs collide with someone else's. Really, it's hardly religious martyrdom to be docked imaginary points.
  • Is this what you're talking about? "Being a catholic, i disagree with what Halloween as it is a mockery of what it used to be, a day to remember those no longer with us. It makes me angry with "Trick or Treaters". When and why did the current Halloween tradition become popular?" That question's about the history of Halloween, not so much about your religious beliefs per se. You did state you were angry with trick or treaters after you called Halloween a mockery of what it used to be. Maybe you pissed off a couple of people who love trick or treating, or Halloween in general.
  • jesus saves!!~!!
  • This is a very left wing site, it semms that if you "believe" in God you are seen as stupid. +6
  • A comment on one of your comments may help your question. Someone answers you and says, "You are allowed to believe in God. However, believing does not give you the right to preach to those who don't, those who have differing beliefs or worship their perception of God in a different way than you do." Since when are we not "allowed" to tell others about our faith? I for one am not offended when someone of a different faith or an atheist gives me their views. Some people actually like that. That's like saying I'm not allowed to tell someone about a great cleaning product I used because they may use something different. How about if they say "No, thank you I'm not interested in your product, your God, or whatever. It's getting pretty bad when some think it's wrong for another to express their views or have the freedom to share them with others. Does that sound right to anyone here?
  • yes, you are missing something. the minus eight doesnt have anything to do with your expressing your religious views.
  • Some people downrate people anytime they disagree with an answer which really isn't the point of being able to DR someone. Just know that it happens sometimes and move on. +5

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