• I'm one of the semi managers at American Eagle and the clothing is actually quite similar to abercrombie. In the quality and the style. Though Abercrombie has better jeans i must admit.
  • i dont know but yeah its really stupid to buy a pair of ripped jeans for seventy dollars
  • They are pretty decent clothes and I will admit that the FEW things I have tried on there actually seem to fit VERY nicely.... but I refuse to buy ANYTHING from there. For me to pay $30 for a faded t-shirt and $70 for a pair of cargo shorts they would have to come with gold in the pockets and a lifetime guarantee.
  • After you're done shopping at Abercrombies then why don't you go to ARBYs and spend another 45 dollars just on LUNCH!!!!!!
  • Yes I bought a black t-shirt with their name on it for like 25.00 a couple of years ago I could not belive how much it cost there was no tag and I did not want to look cheap and put it back.
  • i really like them both. i guess abercrombie is a little pricey, but if u want abercrombie styles for a little less try checking out, if u want prices even lower than american eagle try
  • Anything with a label has a crazy price to it..sad to say
  • there not too over priced, i still like the cloths and stuff there cute...
  • i think abercrombie is a bit pricey when it comes to Ezra Fitch's designs, but i think it's because all the materials she uses. I personally don't like A&F that much but i think it's because the athmosphere that you can feel when you're in the shop, feels like they want to get your ass out of the earth and make you feel awful because you are not wearing faded jeans like they do BUT GUESS WHAT ABERCROMBIE!! YOU DON'T MAKE FASHION.. YOU ALWAYS DO THE SAME PREPPY-AMERICAN STYLE, YOU ALWAYS PRODUCE THE SAME SHIT FOR EVEN HIGHER PRICES EVERY SEASON! so, my final answer has to be yes, i think it's overpriced, but because of what they offer to you.
  • Walmart or Meijer are just as good and a LOT cheaper. I don't do brand names.
  • I think both are a bit overpriced and over exaggerated. I was made fun of when I was younger for not wearing brand clothing so I suppose I have some resentment at them.
  • i think abercrombie is overpriced, but hollister, amercan eagle and stuff isn't too bad. Thats all i wear.
  • Yes, they are overpriced, most of their clothes are made at oversea, the labor are much less expensive than made in the USA...well again, don't forget we are paying for the good looking models too.
  • Yes, ridiculously overpriced! Every year when I take my daughter shopping for new clothes for school she is allowed to pick "ONE" thing from Abercrombie. Everything else we shop at American Eagle, Old Navy, Forever 21, etc. This year she chose a zip up hooded sweatshirt for her one Abercrombie purchase. Any guesses how much? ............................................................................................................. Give up? okay, I'll tell ya. $75.00...Yes, I said SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS! For a sweatshirt!! Now that's insane!!!
  • no way! i live in abercrombie and hollister! your paying for good stuff! just go after christmas or your birthday and do one big huge shopping spree there! xxx :)
  • i like american eagle better in terms of price. abercrombie has nice clothes but im not willing to spend all that money. and i personally am a little "big", so abercrombie's clothes run a little small for me anyway
  • i love both American Eagle and Abercrombie , haha

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