• l'il john
  • John Wayne - or "The Duke"? ;-)
  • Willy. +5
  • how about just Jo?
  • Jack may seem the obvious nickname, but I've always liked it. (Or you can call him Johnny, which he'll switch to John when he gets older.) Now, in southern Louisiana, where I'm from, he might be called T-Jean. (That would be the French equivalent of "John," not the pants. It's Cajun shorthand for "petite Jean" or "Little John.") That wouldn't necessarily work where you live. If you're not totally wedded to "John" you could try a different non-English version like "Sean" or "Ivan." (On second thought, scratch Ivan.) For whatever it's worth, my grandfather's name was John William and he was such an incredible human being that I can't see that name without smiling (which is why your question caught my eye). In any event, congratulations to you -- and best wishes! Oh, and scratch "John Boy" off the list, too, if anybody suggests it.

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