• In our family, it's cash or a gift card. That way we don't spend money on something that might just sit in a drawer.
  • I give advice.
  • It depends who I am buying for. I buy proper gifts for some people, but when my nieces and nephew entered their teens I began just giving them money as their tastes change so often at that age that it was easier, though I have a year-old nephew recently enter the family (a year ago, coincidently) so I buy him proper gifts as young children are easier to buy for.
  • Money or gift certificates, if I can get away with it. It irks me having to buy presents that people don't particularly want or need. I prefer they buy what they want.
  • I give money unless I know what they want for a present.
  • Buy a gift! I think it personalizes it nicer!
  • A nicely wrapped gift makes someone feel appreciated.
  • If I know of a gift, that the person isn't aware of, then I'd be inclined to do that.
  • I generally give gifts. Most of the people I gift to would not accept money from me, and I have been told I have an uncanny ability to buy just the right gift for a person.
  • I prefer to buy a gift only if I know the person so well that I am 100% sure that will like it. Otherwise I give a gift card or several people give money so the person can buy something BIG. ;)
  • A gift, i'll never give money. At a push I will give a gift card.
  • If I am certain I know what is wanted, a gift. Otherwise cash, +5
  • I only give out money when I run out of gift ideas.
  • noh! I prefer gift...chosen considering the recipient's age, personality etc....and, the gift must be an uncommon-special one!
  • Money is always appreciated. Easier, too.
  • well it depends. if we kinda know what the person might want we buy it.. mostly for the little kids... if we know something about what he wants... when they get older... we have no idea and just give them cash.
  • Honestly, I prefer neither. Gift giving practices in our society kind of leave a bad taste in my mouth. They seem so commercial and expected: so artificial! My wife and I don't exchange gifts on holidays. We don't have a rule against it: if we happen to think of something or see something special we know the other would appreciate, we buy it and wrap it and everything. We celebrate holidays by making sure we have time to spend with one another, and doing things we enjoy together, like going out to dinner. Aside from with my wife, though, I don't opt out of gift-giving with other people. That would just cause unnecessary and useless awkwardness and discord. In most cases I think presents are preferable, because at least you maintain the guise of sentiment. Money is appropriate in some contexts though, like in a birthday card for an out-of-town child's birthday, or for a graduation party, or a wedding. I think if you're going to attend a small party, you should bring a gift not money. And Christmas should be about gifts, not money, even if you're out of town.
  • My boys prefer cash, so I do that on their birthday, Christmas they get both cash and gifts. Other people I buy gifts or make them.
  • I like to give gift cards. It's like money, but they're stuck spending it at that particular store harharhar.... Seriously tho, I do put a great deal of thought into which store to buy a gift card from. If someone is into books, I get them something from a book store, movies I get a rental card, etc.
  • I like giving gifts but if I know the family needs money I would give money instead.

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