• Agree!
  • That depends on the person. Some arrogant people can back their claims and do have reserves. Some modest people actually have little else to offer.
  • Absolutely. Those who talk the most about their accomplishments actually do the least. A modest person might need to be coaxed to reveal his/her talent, but once the person comes out of his/her shell, wonders will occur...
    • Mircat
      There is no proof that those who talk the most do the least. In some cases that can be true but not all. You cant globally say that about everyone. Some people know they are darn good at what they do and they talk about it.
  • Absolutely disagree. There are some fine actors who are fantastic at what they do. They deserve awards for their abilities. Some of them know it. A huge bragging ego does not negate their ability or skill. They still have the skill plus they are egotistical. It doesnt make them less skilled at what they do it just makes them more difficult to listen to.
  • i think so

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