• Go see your doctor, IMMEDIATELY. Believe me, it will be the very best money you have ever spent in your entire life. +5
  • Dude, get to a doctor as fast as you can!
  • probably because you were near losing conciousness... why the hell would you wait a few months?
  • The most hopeful prognosis is that you may be anemic. If you care about this body that has been serving you well . . . get to a doctor.
  • I know someone that this happens to, and the diagnosis is low blood pressure, specifically standing lbp, but I don't know the exact name of the condition.
  • DO NOT SCREW AROUND head to the doctor for blood work
  • Are you sure that's foot and not simply a beside case of head?
  • Anonymous, I've been reading your comment and you have been asking what could cause it. First of all, I'm no medical expert, and I strongly urdge you to see one. But... What you probably have is extremly low blood pressure. Which means your heart isn't pumping enough blood fast enough for the rest of your body. Thats the tingly feeling is your nerves not getting enough of what they need from your bloodstream (pop medical ananysis here) and everything goes black becaus not enough blood goes to your head and it affects your eyesight, same with feeling like your going to pass out, weak bloodstream to your brain. I don't know what all can cause low bloodsteam, but it seems unlikely its going to be anything a good doctor and medication can't fix. So go get cecked out and you'll probably be fine.
  • You need to go and see a doctor.
  • Being for a few months is a magnificent idea
  • i would go see your doctor about it
  • you need to go to the er if thats happening, that dont sound right

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