• You own a condo, you rent an apartment.
  • condominium it is what you call a real estate investment ,as in apartments and town houses in more expensive and exclusive area,s and really it is what you can afford .so if you are in to buying into a condo investment have a large bank account, so for me an affordable rental apartment.
  • Condos, you are responsible for all the maintainance and Apartments you arent.
  • A condo is like an apartment where you own your individual place, but not the entire property (i.e. building). Funny story: I used to live in a 2 bedroom townhouse on the Mississippi Beach. I renewed my lease just 2 weeks before the landlord gave notice of eviction to all of the tenants (property was being sold to do condominium conversions). I moved out, and then Hurricane Katrina turned that place into a 3rd world country within 2 months. ;p

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