• my nephew called horses "foo foos" when he was little because he couldn't say horse. he's in his thirties & we still tease him about it.
  • when my nanna was in hospital before she died she had a bad bad case of infection due to the Kemo. She was in Intestive care on the ventelator and her platelets were down.(i think this has something to do with the coutn in the blood, just guessing) she needed a transplant and were waiting for them to get to the hosiptal from Melbourne or some where... my grandad kept asking the nurses and doctors how long until the piklets get here. Piklets, as in mini pancakes. it cracked us up and put a smile on our face in a sad time! we still say it all the time.
  • When my aunt was born, her older sisters could not say her name which was Helena. Some one called her Nanoon and it stuck even to this day. Also, my son asked me one day why we eat BRUNCH on sundays...where did that word come from. So I explained that it was breakfast and lunch combined. He decided to call his favorite dinner meal BRUPPER which is breakfast foods for supper.
  • My brother, when he was younger always used to say "vengtables" instead of "vegetables". We still make fun of him because of it.
  • Well,my girlfriend is very clumsy ,she will drop anything,do a foolish act or hit anybody by accident.Her name is Beverly nickname Beva so when she does something really stupid or brake anything I will say the Bevada of the day was... Now all my friends apply it or I will say like: "I did a Bevada the other day" Yes she always does a Bevada at least once a day.
  • What a great question!! +5 My hubby and I were separated for a few months about twelve years ago, and I was miserable. When he came back, I could finally get some decent, much needed sleep, (since he was next to me). He said "G'Night.", and I said "Noot!" I don't know why I said this, but it felt right, and it made us both smile. Now when I'm tired, I've been known to exclaim "Noot!", and that way, he knows just how sleepy I really am.
  • I used to call lasagna "Mussanya." And I called shotgun shells "shockin' shells."
  • When our son was little he used to say "cackleeator" for calculator. My husband and I often slip and say it that way ... lol He also used to say we were "going on to the cation" for going on vacation. It's funny how we still say that just kidding around. Great question!!
  • Dump truck. When a kid says it, its sounds like dumbf*ck. Even worse, is when my brother would egg my kids on "call mommy a dumptruck, call grandma a dumptruck, call the guy on tv a dumptruck".
  • My Husband makes up silly words he calls everyone Guber and I can't explain why. I think He likes to tease people and he calls my Son that when he is silly. He has other silly words too. He also calls my son mookie and many more.
  • My dad used to say, "Acute exacerbation of a chronic course of affective and psychotic symptomatology characterized by impairments of sensorium, perception and mentation." Good ol' dad! ;-)

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