• Of course she will deny it.At 10 years old, she probably thinks you are stupid and will believe her (no harm intended, but that's what they think!) How does her dinner get hidden around the house? Surely you don't leave her take it from the table? My granddaughter was like that, my daughter just made her eat at the table, and if she didn't eat, she went hungry. She wanted french fries instead, and for a while, my daughter gave in to her. But she soon realized what she was doing and it became "eat this or eat nothing." After the kid got hungry and weak, she began to give the food a try and found out it wasn't so bad after all. It's also a good idea to plan meals that are nutritious but also appealing to children. Most kids like things like corn-on-the-cob and watermelon, maybe chicken nuggets or pizza will appeal to her.
  • .....thats not a question! but yeah it's probably her again... or if she has a sneaky older brother who's doing it on purpose to make it look like she did it
  • thank you for your views, i was hoping it had nothing to to with having a split family. we only want the best for her when she stays with us...
  • My wife and I tell our dughter that is ALL she is getting for the night becuase that is Dinner. No snacks or dessert. We have her sit until we are done eating and clear the table when we are done.When she says she is hungry a while later,, we reply you will have to wait til breakfast in the morning and remind her that she didnt eat her dinner.
  • It sounds like she feels pressured to eat at your table. Don't pay so much attention to what she eats or doesn't eat. But maybe some rules about no snacks between meals and then forget it. She may be trying to have some "control" over something if the rest of her life is/has seen a lot of turmoil. Ease off on the food control. Good luck.
  • You are making her feel like she HAS to eat that food. Tell her it's o.k if she doesn't eat it.
  • First of all, as some other answers said, don't pressure her to eat it. If you do, it will most likely just increase her issues with whatever food she is fussy about. Why don't you start teaching her how to cook? She'll get to make what she likes, you'll get to do nice things together, it's useful, and everyone will be happy.
  • She may have the start of an eating disorder If she isnt talking about it, maybe ask her friends or teachers how she is doing at school, if shes having problems with any of the other kids. Bullying etc can make kids change their eating etc Also find out what she likes to eat

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