• Only if the price is right! lol
  • Find out up front just how inconvenienced you're going to be, and what the hours are. It can pay very well, but it can also be a major pain.
  • As long as they promise to pay for the things they break during filming (if it's an action movie they might destroy a lot of stuff) I would say yes, sounds like fun.
  • Depends on the property and the price. I would look at the plans they have. Do they need to modify your property? Will they damage your property? What will be your cost to restore or clean up after they leave?? A number of years ago a film company was in our area that wanted to buy old, damaged, beat up cars for a movie. They didn't want to pay very much at all.
  • ask about the price. if its good, go for it! that would be really cool!
  • No, originally you should not choose any varied location, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you best as a matter a fact go through with it once it has been decided upon
  • I did. I declined because I didn't want our property publicized. The money that was offered was not enough to change my mind. "On Golden Pond" was filmed at another location about 80 miles away. +5
  • I would not even think of letting them film on my property unless they really were offering big bucks to do so. I would want to cash in. I would ask for a percentage of the movie profits along with daily rent of my property. +5
  • Was it an e-mail or a real letter with a verifiable company address? If it is ligit, I would let them do it. It is easy money, unless they want to take your place apart...but then, they have to put it back together. Make sure you understand the contract. My brother owns a classic old two story house in eastern Oklahoma. A film company once asked if they could use it in a film. He agreed and it was easy money. Not a great amount, but it was just to be in the film shot.
  • Is it your house or just your property? If it is your house and it isn't an Indy cheap film, they may redo the whole thing for you. That happened to a friend of my family. They used their apartment in a movie and then totally redecorated for them because they had to change a lot. They also got paid a ton of money. You should check it out and see what they are offering.
  • Only if the price righ, get unlimited access to the food table, and get your name on one of those cool chairs
  • Excellent question, and you have some sound advice in the answers you have received. The only thing I will add is please be sure to have legal papers drawn up and sign a contract specifying the terms, what you are to give up and what you are to get out of it, the length of time, modifications to be made and that they will cover any extra expenses including your housing arrangements if you cannot stay in your own home. They probably have some standard documents (which will be worded in their favor) but be sure to have an attorney of your own choosing (not theirs) look over the paper prior to signing. Bring the attorney along to any meetings to ask questions and negotiate terms. Good Luck! :-) +5
  • and you have to worry about strange people wanting to have their picture taken on your property with your house in the background
  • This depends upon the amount of money they're going to pay you really. Don't just settle for any amount. If they want your property badly enough, they'll pay for it.
  • I would check out the studio first (not the number and website listed on the letter because those could be fake). Just make you have it in writing that they will pay for any damage made to your property. Get a certificate of insurance from the studio and make sure they sign a waiver that they are responsible if anyone gets injured on your property or they cause any damage. You might want to talk to the company you have your home owner's insurance through for any other legal advice of how to protect you and your property. After all that, I'd say go for it!
  • Yes, it is often around here. I haven't been asked, but the people who allow it become celebrities themselves. I still remember the house used by Denzel Washington and have talked to the people when they were outside their home. They use the house/property for less than a week. Any mess is worth it. +5
  • If the price is right; I would do it. But before I answered, I would have to find out how long it would take; and exactly what they are going to do to my property.
  • If it is legit and you have researched it ABSOLUTELY, they will pay you....

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