• Blood in the urine, straining/inability to urinate, urinating while lying down/changed litter habits -- these signs should be taken very seriously. I'm happy to hear you're in contact with a vet about this, but I think you're right to still be concerned. It would appear that if your vet is right in his diagnosis, then he's wrong in his prescribed solution ... I mean, if your cat has diabetes, then it seems clear that it's not being successfully managed. Another possibility is that your vet is simply wrong. Now, I am not a vet, and I haven't seen your cat, but I'm worried that your vet is wrong. When you "google blood in cat urine," a number of possible causes are suggested but none of them are diabetes. And when you google "diabetes in cats," blood in the urine doesn't show up as one of the symptoms. When you also consider the straining/inability to urinate in the normal position, the most commonly suggested cause is an obstruction, like bladder stones or cancer. I urge you to bring all of this up with your vet. I also urge you to seek a second opinion. My best wishes to you and your cat.

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