• The law is totally crazy!!! I went to court once after my ex-boyfriend and his thug mate tried to beat up my current man with a pick handle and a steel current was much stonger than both and while his head was being beaten by the steel pole he disarmed the guy with the pick handle and produced a michette...then the two guys ran off...but the idiots went to the police and made a crazy story up...which landed ME in court accused of 'attacking these 2 idiots with a machette' was ludicrous!!! I am 5'4" and 54kg...Never trust the law! P.S...appologies to any good law inforcement out there...
  • Im so happy you are ok. There are to many crazy people out there!! Ive been lucky that nothing has happened to me.
  • Nope, never.
  • I've never had it happen to me. My lady Meghan was kidnapped once and went through horrors.You're a very strong lady to resist the pressure. I'm proud of you. +5 Vaporeongirl

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