• I'm slowing down, and gonna quit soon... I use vicodin, or oxycontin for the first week or so, to help me sleep, but they are highly addictive, so be careful..
  • Trying to quit pot on your own at home can be very difficult! Especially if your home environment is one in which family or friends are not supportive. The safest and most effective way to stop smoking pot is with a medical detox program. Medical detox provides round-the-clock medical and clinical care. Clients also sometimes receive medication-assisted treatment to help relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of marijuana withdrawal without the risks of trying to treat yourself on your own at home. Here's a resource that explains some of the benefits of medical detox: Good luck!
  • I sympathize and hope you get the help you need. I was never a chronic smoker but I smoked every day for 20 years and just stopped all at once. I moved to a country where it was just too dangerous to smoke but I stopped without any affects.
  • just trash whatever you have and dont do it anymore

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