• Who is claiming that it is "wrong?" +5
  • everyone has their own oppinions on abortion, but only a few handful think it is right. im fifteen and know that abortion is wrong, the morning after pill is ok , but when you know that you have a living child thats yours growing inside you i think its sick to have an abortion. If a girl gets raped that is partly understandable but it is still in fact wrong. please write back.
  • There is no wrong or right, just choices for each person in their own right. It is wrong in my eyes, for me. I am Catholic.
  • you will always get different answers to this ,and emotions also run high,and both sides of the abortion debate have there good and bad points in it ,me the answer is with the person who is pregnant she is the one who has to make the decision and what ever way she go,s she can not please both parties and you must feel for her .and i do not no which is right or wrong .
  • i think that some people think it's aselfish thing to do and killing a life and they don't see any other factors that could be contributed to getting an abortion. Some people are just rigid in their views. I believe that it's a woman's right to do whatever is necessary for her. I don't sit in judgment of anyone.
  • You are killing a baby, may be why.
  • I understand this is for school. Look at the questions and answers here for varying opinions.
  • Cause it's killing somebody. I would hope that killing an innocent human is always considered wrong by somebody at least.
  • Its not, thats why it is legal.
  • its not by everyone, only by few.
  • I think many people, and I agree, think abortion is wrong in our society because it is terminating a life. Due to my religion, I believe that a soul, a spirit, is created the moment the sperm and egg come together... therefore, aborting the embryo is aborting a specific, unique life. And I believe that people do not have the right to choose who dies and who lives.. God does. There are many reasons people have abortions. Some are sad and some are selfish. Some I can almost understand.. but if I were the one in the situation, I wouldn't do it. But that's who I am. I would give my life for the baby; I would change my life for the baby. Whatever happens, happens for a reason in my book. I think many agree with this and many do not. I hope this helps.
  • In our society its not viewed as wrong as its legal...however the religious try to make everyone abide by their close minded views and make people feel that it is wrong...
  • because a future taxpayer is getting removed from society.
  • That depends in which society you live. If you live in a predominantly Christian society... because it's killing. If you happen to live in a time capsule... embryos aren't alive according to Aristotle.
  • Because it is a form of murder. You are terminating a life that YOU created out of a desire for pleasure, and then ended out of convenience. It's quite pathetic actually. Not to mention inhuman and highly immoral.
  • Well I know many people see abortion as taking an innocent person's life. But I know in my view and many others how is that so different than going to Iraq and killing an innocent baby over there during war? I really see no difference. But many view it wrong for religious reasons, moral reasons, and really killing is killing doesn't matter if it is an adult or a baby, or really in my mind an animal. But everybody has their choices and reason's of why or why not to get an abortion. Two of my very best friends have gotten them. One was raped and the other made a mistake and couldn't afford a baby. In their minds that was right. So people just have their own ideals about everything in this world, and people will always disagree. Me personally I am pro choice, I can't tell somebody what to do in the situation as somebody can't tell me.
  • Im not against or for abortion. There are some times when i can see abortion as a option. When a girl is gangraped or just raped i can see why she would want an abortion. But if a gril isn on the pill and has sex knowing the guy doesn't have a condom then getting a abortion is wrong.
  • I think it's a lot more complex than right or wrong. As is aligning legality to those moral views.

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