• Look at the ingredients of Cheetos you will find out they are full of MSG and not fit for human consumption. If you don't know what MSG is I suggest you Google it.
  • it sounds good but im trying to stay away from sugar since im prediabetic
    • OC Joe
      Cheetos (as delicious as they are) as full of fat, salt, and processed food chemicals but they are very low suger so avoiding them is absolutely a good idea but fear not the sugar (in the Cheetos).
  • Never tried that but it sounds excellent provided the Cheetos don't get soggy.
  • I've watched Cheetos being made. They come out tasteless and a tad bit gross until all the seasoning is put on them. Potato chips however are absolutely heavenly right out of the oven. Once they cool off they never regain that just cooked flavor. Not even when they are heated up.
  • no, i try to stay away from too much sugar since im prediabetic

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