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  • That depends on why he felt the need to lie.
  • Find out why he is lying about it....he could be ashamed that he cant not smoke. help him through it!
  • it means he is lying to avoid a conflict that would result from yu being over controlling. You are not his mom, not his dad, not his Doctor and you dont have a right to make him not smoke.
  • He can't or doesn't want to quit, and he doesn't want to listen to your shit about it either.
  • it means he doesn't respect you and thinks you are stupid ... that really the type of guy you want to be in a relationship with???
  • It means he smokes, but for some reason thinks he has to lie to you about it...maybe he thinks youre his mama.
  • It means that he does not want to stop smoking. It means that you are obviously going to get angry about it if he tells the truth, and he's trying to avoid the argument it would result in. If he is an adult you should let him make the decision for himself. Relationships where one person tries to be a dictator usually don't work out. If you are that worried about having a s/o that smokes, it's time to find someone that doesn't.
  • What that means to me is that he is a liar. That is a dealbreaker as far as I'm concerned. I don't lie and I don't tolerate those who do. Simple as that. Happy Friday Babycakes! :)
  • He is really addicted and needs help to quit
  • Most likely that he doesn't want to quit, and doesn't want you to nag him about it.
  • He wants to smoke, but he wants you too. He feels like you're gonna judge him. You need to decide if you can deal with him smoking, and if you can then don't sweat him about it, if it's a deal breaker for you then leave him. You gotta let people be who they are though.
  • If he lies about small stuff like smoking - how do you know he's telling the truth about anything else.... Then again, maybe you scare him!
  • Addiction makes people lie all the time. You need to confront him, tell him you know he is lying and offer to help him quit.
  • It most probably means that's he's addicted to smoking and hasn't made a serious attempt to give up.
  • It means he is not ready to quit and maybe you are pressuring him in some way...if you can't except him for who he is he is gonna lie... Or maybe he doesn't want to disappoint you. Either way he resorted to lying for a reason you could probably answer it from here right???
  • It means he is ashamed of smoking and trying to fool himself and you.
  • It means he smokes.... Thats it. He just doesnt wanna hear about it, and doesnt wanna quit. Just let the dude smoke.
  • It means he smokes, he doesn't want you to know, maybe because he can't be bothered to deal with you having a go at him about it. He probably just wants an easy life without being moaned at.
  • Tell him his breath stinks and he needs to brush his teeth and try brushing his lungs while he's at it..........
  • It means he is afraid that you will think of him as a lousy rotten person because he has this one flaw.
  • It means he doesn't care what you think, but he doesn't want to have to fight with you, so he just tells you a lie. This tells you on so many levels that he is a man of low character: he lies, he doesn't respect you, he doesn't plan on taking care of himself so that he can hold up his end of the partnership, he doesn't take responsibility for his actions. He is giving you a foretaste of the future if you persist in the relationship. If it were me, I'd be finding a real man.
  • I sorta had this situation.. but without the him lying about it again when confronted(as far as I know). What does it mean? Well, the obvious meaning is that he's dishonest. It also might mean he's ashamed. It might mean he doesn't want to argue with you about it and doesn't care what you have to say. It might mean he wants to do what he wants, but you won't let him or don't agree with what he wants to do so he doesn't bother telling you because it'll just lead to conflict. Overall... it pretty much seems like you're not a match for each other.
  • It means he wants to smoke but doesn't want hear you bitching about it.
  • If you're still with him after all of that, what does that mean? If you need to go online and ask perfect strangers (and smart alecks like me) this question, and you're STILL still with him, what does that mean?
  • It probably means he's not going to quit anytime soon. He probably wishes you would accept this, but knows you won't, so he finds it easier to try hiding it from you.
  • He is a liar
  • It means he is embarrassed and ashamed because he knows you don't like it. Nothing else.
  • That means he is afraid of the truth and is not ready to admit it to you. +5
  • It means you need to dump this smoker who is also a chronic liar. There are plenty of good men out there who don't have this unhealthy habit.
  • I'd probably take a big long hard look at my attitude towards it and ask myself if I'M being reasonable. I know what it's like to lie to avoid punishment. I've done it. It sounds like that's all this guy is doing. He doesn't want to hear what you have to say on this matter because it's just not important to him. You also sound like the type of person who would nag him and try to change him. Remember, you are not his mother. If you want a guy who does not smoke, date non-smokers.

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