• That was the tribe of Benjamin, I believe
  • He was from the tribe of Benjamin. Now here is a trivia fact: the tribe of Benjamin (although "benjamin" means "son of the right hand/promise) were heavily left handed. The slingshotters of the tribe were said to be left handed Judg . xx . 16, cf. iii . 15) and even ambidextrous (1 Chron. xii .
  • Not only was he of the Tribe of Benjamin but he was divinely selected as King of Israel.
  • King Saul WAS A Jew..Initially chosen by Jehovah God, but ' ran off the rails' and persecuted David. Davis had the chance to kill Saul but did not, because Saul was chosen by Jehovah,,,,Later Saul did die, but not by David...Its all in scripture...1 Samuel 24-26 . 6 He said to his men:

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