• well your gonna be able to feel the bar, theres a piece of metal in there! i had this when i had mine done 2 weeks ago, i got really paranoid about it too! but if the skin really is getting thinner, or the skin goes transparent you should go back to the piercist asap otherwise i wouldnt worry!
  • you'll be able to feel the bar forever. the skin isnt that thick so its just natural. if your to worried though go see you piercing guy and ask him.
  • It is probably fine, but I would go back to the piercer in order to put your mind at ease about this. (also don't do what Qeli said and use should never use anything such as peroxide, or alcohol on your should only be using sea salt solution and anti bacterial soap (if your piercer said to use that).....) Oh and while it is healing if you take a vitamin c supplement, a zinc supplement, and a multivitamin every day it will speed up the healing process since it accelerates the healing and tissue regeneration

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