• More for me!
  • Depends on the person. If the person is nice that's fine. Everybody should do what they think is right. If the person is narrow minded and no fun, I think the person is stupid.
  • I think its okay. i mean, alcohol can actually destroy you. they've got my respect
  • they have to be using some other form of intoxication or they might be into some other stupid shit......
  • - They're good designated drivers. - They're control freaks who are afraid of being out of control. - They're pussies. - They think they're better than you. - They wish they were having as much fun as you. - They have alot less good stories to tell than those of us who do drink. - They probably aren't gonna be happy about me lighting up this blunt. But oh well. To each their own. Drinking alcohol has been going on from the beginning of time, so there's gotta be something good about it. People in indegenous areas even find ways to make alcohol and party, that's how natural it is. Sensaye the Justifier.
  • when they wake up -thats the best they will feel all day
  • Funny you should ask. I am not totally "sure" about people who never drink. There is something very human about enjoying a drink among friends. It has been a constant since human beings became civilized (aware of the irony). I identify with disciplined drinkers more than I identify with people who drink not a drop.
  • Good for them, to each their own. I personally like my beer.
  • To each their own. Of course, I wish those who did realized that the solotion to the problem doesn't lay at the bottom of the glass. If issues arise, and you put your foot into your mouth because your nose wasn't where it belonged, inviting all involved to booze it up isn't any kind of a solution. Especially if the boozing is done in the same park area where your pre-teen kids play and could visibly see your actions of trying to find solice in the sauce. To each their own, of course, but discression is a good practice.
  • Whether some drank or not isn't important to me. Oh and...more for me! haha
  • Nothing negative, really. There are lots of people who don't particularly like the taste, or the effects, of alcohol...and they're not willing to imbibe just to be with the so-called "in crowd". Personally, I'm more willing to trust them a little more than the others. +5
  • I think good for them. :)
  • That the way they act at times (uptight) they may need a drink! :) +6
  • I was always told "never trust a man who doesn't drink", though I don't really think that always applies. They tend not to be as much fun as drinkers and some tend to be a bit preachy, but it's up to them at the end of the day.
  • I think that maybe they are missing out a little bit....but in the end, they will look younger and have better livers than the rest of us.
  • I don't really have much of an opinion one way or the other, as long as they aren't condemning me for my choices I won't bug them about theirs.
  • I drink moderately and rarely recently, but I used not to drink at all when I was young. Mostly because of the aggressive alcoholic father. For me it was so associated with fear and acting crazy, that I didn't want to drink it. It took me a while to realize I don't act the same as Him after alcohol and to disassociate alcohol from aggression. . I think if someone is able not to drink at all, that's good for the person. Though I see no big reason why someone wouldn't touch even a drop of it ever. But I respect that.
  • I grew up with alcoholics and it just soured me on drinking. It's just not something I want for myself.
  • Impressed, most people cannot stand by their convictions.

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