• I hear about it on the radio. I hope the guy gets the dog sh*t hammered out of him.
  • I'm cheering!
  • Cheering... and laughing... a lot. What self-respecting blackmailer takes a check? I can see it now, "Sorry, but I'm all out of checks... do you take Discover?
  • Cheering someone who was cheating on his "now" wife, though they ahd a 5 yr old and he was poking females on his staff.. Glad the guy was caught, but had Dave kept his pants zipped, this wouldn't have happened.
  • I'm glad he had the guy busted, but I am not cheering. It only came about because of the wrong he (Letterman) was doing, and see no reason to applaud him.
  • Yeah, Dave, nail that greedy bustard!
  • I'm not fond of the Letterman sense of humor especially his story about Sarah Palin's 14 year old daughter being molested at the baseball game. So Letterman's nailin' a blackmailer who threatened to write a book on how Letterman's been nailin' the staff does not impress me. He is just too full of himself.
  • You know that was cool!
  • That blackmailer was an idiot who was looking for some quick cash. It might be considered a good thing he's been caught; nobody likes having their weaknesses used against them. But seriously, Dave, it would be better if you didn't do anything you could be blackmailed for. The next blackmailer may be a lot smarter than this one.

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