• The uvula functions to rise up when you swallow to keep food from going up into the nose. Although the uvula is used to make certain sounds in other languages (though not in English), its exact function remains unknown. Even otolaryngologists, medical professionals who specialize in the ears, nose, and throat, still ponder this mysterious little appendage.
  • It stimulates the gag reflex.
  • Man, I sure wouldn't mind getting mine removed. The sole purpose of mine seems to me to be to occasionally get very swollen and simulate the feeling of having something stuck in my lower sinuses.
  • I had my uvula removed as well as my tonsils & a part of my pallet to ease snoring (UPPP). The one thing I have noticed since having the operation is that sometimes when I drink I get fluid going up into my nasal passages. So i would assume that the uvula helps prevent this. Those who are going to have this done be warned. It is agonisingly painful & the pain lasts for at least two weeks. I found that Coca-Cola eases the pain. Don't know why.
  • In plain terms, Its the thing that hangs down in the back of your throat.
  • Why did he have it removed? Was it painful? How was the surgery performed? How's he doing now? Is he glad he did it? Jerolyn

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