• For a great explanation of what's involved (and what an ollie is ) check this out-
  • Its hard to tell someone how to do anything on a skateboard. All you can do is pop it as hard as you can and suck your legs up as much as you can. dont worry about your size. The best guys I skate with are about 5ft 6. Im 6ft 3 and they are a lot better than me.
  • You just pop your foot as hard as you can
  • To pop a higher ollie you got to pop the back of your deck as hard and fast as you can and then "try" to fly as high as you can while sliding your front foot forward.
  • What is an ollie?? I am so confused... O_O
  • Move to Mars?
  • see what helped me was practicing see this is how i started i place my back foot on the tail and pop and with the front foot i scoop up what also helped me was practicing the motions in grass then after a few times after i did that i went out into the street and tried it and yes it did take me a while but i got it and if there not that high you can always try to pop the back foot further ive been skating for like 2 years

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