• If you're Stalin, you could kick butt.
  • Other option is to become a leader of the socialism country.
  • for those weren't born son of a shiek, a king, or royalty. "filthy rich" is everywhere.
  • Well, you could become a gigolo like me!
  • As far as your thinking, yes it is the only way, but wouldnt it be nice if people wouldnt have to think they are better then one another and would just work together to make a better life.
  • No you could always change you're name to Richard and roll around in some mud, and alternatley be known as dirty dick.
  • You can marry someone who is rich. Inherit a relative's money. Be a dictator of a country. Be involved in something illegal, like robbing a bank or selling drugs, but it's not recommended. Move to a rich country outside the US where your services are needed and will be paid plenty of money, like some lawyers do.

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