• No I'll date all types of girls, I've noticed that some girls aren't initially good-looking to me, eventually become very attractive to me once I get to know them
  • Not really. Really hot guys who are extremely shallow only date really hot girls.
  • no, some of them are gay so they date really hot guys. but those are just the shallow ones anyway. some of them will date based on personality, those are the ones i like.
  • not at all. I look like peewee herman, and my wife looks like Miss USA
  • Hmm, i notice ALOT, that really hot guys are always with ugly girls. I can never figure it out. But, at the same time, I know i'm attractive, and I always seem to be attracted to "ugly" guys! My friends and fam ask me constantly what i'm doing with "him" I don't understand it. I know im not initally attracted to them, but over time they win me over with something like extreme confidence or humor. Example: I'd take Pete Doherty, jacked up teeth and all, over Brad Pitt ANY day. So to answer ur question, maybe it has something to do with balance?
  • No. My fiance is incredibly good looking, as well as well toned and tall. He has done some modeling. I'm not what our modern society considers 'hot', and he's with me, so, there ya go.
  • My gf's have asked me how I end up with these really good-looking guys. I guess I'm OK but not hot at all. I suppose alot of women don't approach/include a really hot guy, because maybe they are intimidated. So alot of great guys end up by themselves and welcome attention. Some hot guys don't know they're really hot. I've seen hot/hot looking great together but bored to tears with each other too. Me ... I'm about avg in the shallowness dept.
  • Preferably
  • yeah the shallow ones do.
  • When they are younger that is likely. But as they get older that may not be the case. One problem with a really good looking person, is they are very used to getting what they want. Not everyone who is good looking takes things for granted, however, if they do, their looks aren't going to hold anyones interest long term, they can get any guy/girl they want, but cannot keep them.
  • Nope, I'm a equal opportunity dater.
  • i guess typically but my s/o can get just about any girl and has zero problem doing it but he's with me :) just because someone is sexy as hell doesnt mean theyre automatically so shallow
  • Nope, I'm a equal opportunity dater.
  • neh my boyfreind is a hottie =] and he is with me... so just shows he isnt one of those shallow ones!
  • i dont think they do. well i hope they dont
  • as a general rule, yes. Exceptions can be made if she or her parents have money.
  • please watch in bible than you can know about jesus christ jesus like hot girl or not.u can ask to your mother s boy friend too.really you are very dangerous for humanity and society.i m sure that u have this character from your mother and bible.god bless you.
  • There are many guys who date women of all types for a variety of reasons. All people don't have the same standard of what is "hot". Some genuinely look at who the person is. Some have fetishes. I knew a guy who could have any woman he wanted but would not date a woman who was not classified as obese. In my younger days i went after only "hot women" and had more than my share. i learned early on that the hottest woman will easily become not so hot in no time if she gets on your nerves and an average woman who is beautiful inside will grow "hotter" if you love her.
  • In a teenage guys opinion. Hot guys don't date only really hot girls. But realistically no guy wants to go out with a chewbacca. A great way I like to think of things is "Looks pull you in, but its the personality that keeps you." Generally, guys will look for a girl THEY find attractive. So, it actually depends on the guy. Again, My opinion.
  • It depends on the guy's opinion of 'really hot girls.' I can't believe what my own sons see as beautiful. I am happy though that they see inner beauty.
  • No not really. I date a lot and I ask that question and I get mixed answers. Some of them like the idea of being with a hot guy for right now but would rahter marry a boring, chubby, average joe
  • Define "Hot". What you think is so so may trip my light fantastic. The same could be said for the gals out there.
  • No did you see T.I's and Ushers Wives? they are ugly as sin and I think they have them Black mailed lol.

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