• President Bush's Inaguaration....
  • once the news crew found a body floating in a creek,they actually showed the body floating.....GROSS.
  • I was watching the news and they were showing a prostitution ring that just got busted and they were showing them bringing out the women and the last one that they showed was the girl i just started dating.I went to the clinic right then.My friends still to this day talk crap about it and it was 13 yrs ago.
  • Sixth sense, and don't even mention THAT line please I hate it.
  • Two films first one is a foreign one out of japan called guinea pig experiement- flower of the flesh, the whole thing is made to look like a real snuff film, and the director spent several years in court having the movie analyzed by forensic pathologist..they thought he had actually murdered someone, mutilated then and filmed it, it was that realistic, i'm a big horror movie buff, and it even made me kind of queesy. and the second was a release in american recently called hard candy...7 words, homemade castration by a 14 year old...and somehow it got passed the FCC
  • A pic of a decaying human body,ohhhh!!!
  • TRue Asian Horror it is extremly scary
  • I have 2 the first one is the twin towers on 9-11 the second is the sex scene on Broke Back Mountain
  • a story about people returning money they found, especially when the person who found it had a crap job and the money would have made a big difference in the persons life, idiots
  • Many scenes in the movie 'Requiem for a Dream' haunt me. Inparticular the very end when Jared Leto's character's arm is cut off, the other guy is in prison, his mother is in a psyche ward and tJennifer Connelly's character is selling herself in front of all those men on the table! The music and scenes are completely disturbing!
  • Although I am a horror movie fan, even I thought that a couple of the torture scenes in "Hostel" were pretty disturbing. The guy that torched the girl's face towards the end was just plain wrong.
  • I see a lot of disturbing things on the news. This is England, disturbed me. It was uncomfortable to watch, but brilliant. And I'm going to sound weird, but I saw a bit of the 'Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show'. What the hell.
  • clips from Saw 4
  • hillsborough- 96 liverpool fans died - justice for the 96
  • A Torture, how can people torture others for the sake of investigation. How if they are found innocent at the end?.
  • The end scene from the video 'Banned in America'. Pedestrian gets hit by train. An image that took a while for me to get out of my head and I wasn't even there to witness it first hand. Much like the beheading email I was sent that I was stupid enough to watch a part of.
  • A 5yo child holding a machine gun in Africa. They rather be in a gang then perform sexual favors for others. I would do the same. It was on the news a long time ago...something about Rwanda.
  • During Vietnam the news showed a man having his brains blown out by the cong. Showed them actually murder him and his brains splattered everywhere.
  • August Undergrounds Mordum: I only got about 30 minutes in the movie, and i had to turn it off. I've watched Audition, Hostel, Ichi the killer, Irreversible, and nothing turned my stomach more than this. The realism is insane. It's filmed like a home video, and i really felt like it was not fake. I didn't get past the part where they made the guy start cutting off his member with a pair of scissors while they raped his gf i believe with a butcher knife. Not even worth watching honestly, it's just mindless.......

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