• Gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that! I'm relieved you could get her to a vet. You will want to keep her in her kennel, or otherwise penned in close quarters, with some absorbent towels. When you think she is ready for a bathroom break, take her to her outside spot and let nature work. But DO keep her penned. She needs that leg to heal quickly, with the least pain possible. +5
  • You should get in touch with the vet and let them know that you forgot to ask those questions before you left the office. The vet familiar with her injury and treatment should advise you because it is possible she may need to be seen again if she is in distress.
  • A first she is going to need you to carry her out to pee. If she is having trouble standing you can support her by slipping a towel under her belly and lifting both ends of the towel like a "sling". Even morphine isn't 100% going to make the pain go away. Not to mention the side effects of the drug itself making them feel icky and in need of comfort. You are going to need to prepare yourself to give her lots of time and attention. Fortunately, they heal quickly. Keep a very close eye on her behavior with the cast. Moisture underneath and the rubbing of the cast can cause a serious infection if undetected. She will be licking at it, try to discourage it by distracting her. Poor puppy!
  • I'm so sorry! Praying for your puppy.

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