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  • I'm not a shemale but I don't see anything wrong with it. I see trouble if you bent over and someone saw...especially at school :( That could ruin your social life :( Think of all the times someone could see something and if you really want to risk that (bathroom, if you trip in the hallway and something showed...there are many possibilities). So maybe just around the house or in public but if I were you I wouldn't take the chance at school. I would be so hurt if others found out and made fun of me and I know you would be too :( Just be safe about it. Stay away from Craigslist no matter how bad you think someone can help you there....just in case you're thinking about that b/c a lot of people do look there thinking it's safe when it's not. Just saying... As far as wrong? Not at all :) You can like what you like and that's a beautiful thing. Just be careful and I'm stressing that for a reason.

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