• Of course.
  • Of course. In fact, that was the second time. For in Chile on the same date something similar did happen. They call it the 1st 911. And you know what? Between 3000-6000 civilians died, and many were brutally tortured. Do you know about the football stadium and what happened there? Or how about those still missing? When Salvador Allende was killed, they destroyed the palace and then went after the people, and that's not real? What happened on BOTH occassions was terrible. This was the same day. That was Pinochet. I refer you to: (free to read) or (this is not free, but coveres this topic) or this documentary towards th end (free to see) This man won UK's highest award for journalist at least once and worked for BBC:
  • Yes. It is inevitable.
  • Yes; at no time since then has this country ever been safe from terrorists, are borders are open we could be attacked at any point right now; and as long as we assume its going to come from just one group, were even more vulnerable
  • Absolutely and inevitably.
  • Yes , regrettable but it can and probably will .
  • Ia m afraid it may happen again.
  • Yes, but it will almost certainly be by different means. We can be sure that they are huddled at their strategic planning headquarters, pondering a dozen different types of attacks, possibly planning several simultaneous attacks in different cities. They don't hate us for our freedom. They hate us for our unconditional support of Israel, the common enemy in the middle East.   
  • Likely not the same means, using of an aircraft would be more difficult as, much though I despise TSA, by and large they do tend to prevent people bringing on box cutters and the other items the hijackers needed. Also, I suspect we would have a higher likelihood of something like Flight 93 again. The passengers on the other flights were pretty docile from what we've been able to peice together due to, IMO, the conditioning of 'don't make the bad man with the knife/gun/etc. mad' and most who lived during the '70s and '80s or even after recall well the rash of hijackings at the time by various groups, typically they'd direct the pilot to fly someplace else and after some negotiation the hostages were released (typically, there are exceptions). I think most people initially thought that was the sort of situation they were dealing with. Once those on Flight 93 learned what was in store for them it made sense to make an attempt to retake the plane, if you're going to be used as a missile anyways what have you to lose? I think it is quite likely we will be hit again, the means no one knows or frankly can know. However, I suspect it will be something along the lines of Beslan on a larger scale. Several schools in different areas of the country, particularly in areas outside of the obvious major metropolitan areas. Small to midsized towns I guess you might call it. This has several advantages, one being that there is a good bit of mentality in these areas of 'it can't happen here' and another being that you will have a police force that in all likelihood is stretched thin simply due to the smaller tax base. That means you are likely to have a smaller, less well trained/equipped SWAT team to deal with as well as a longer response time which gives them more time to round up the kids and get rid of those that might pose a threat (all the adult males they took were disposed of almost first thing). What makes me think something like this is likely is the psychological value of it on so many levels, by hitting where least expected it removes any illusions of safety. Further, the hideous behavior exhibited in Beslan is likely to be repeated (girls raped, boys beaten, bodies dumped out the windows, butchering the rest when a move to rescue them is finally made, etc.) and it is something that is a sensitive issue for obvious reasons, no one (except jihadist animals and similar scum) likes to see children hurt. Also, its something our tactical teams are largely unprepared for, most hostage situations the hostagetaker is at least semi-rational and has some goal connected with his staying alive and so they can negotiate to buy time if nothing else as killing hostages is counterproductive. But how do you handle hostage takers who want to die and before going want to kill or hurt as many of their hostages (and anyone else for that matter) as they can before dying? You cannot negotiate with someone like that. JMO, I dearly hope that I am incorrect. In any event, the reality is we WILL be hit again, when, where, and how is open to speculation.
  • Yes it could happen again.
  • it could happen again here,it could also happen in another huge city around the the world. It's kinda like a hindsight bias thing, when it happens, people will say I knew it was gonna happen. I'm not sure if huge impacts like that can be prevented but people around the world, I hope, are taking measures to not let something like that happen again.
  • Sure anything can happen again or for the first time.
  • It's inevitable. Everyone is again tired of waiting in line at the airports which is why you can take scissors and screwdrivers and mace on planes now. But, it may not be another airplane attack. I hate to say it, but what this country needs is something horrible to once again galvanize us together in this war on terrorism.
  • One would have thought not after Dec. 7, 1941 (Peal Harbor)
  • Yes, a large scale terror attack could happen at any time here in the US by either foreign, governmental or domestic terrorist. I expect it will happen at any time.
  • yes :-(
  • We will be attacked again. The salient feature of the 9/11 attack was the surprise and death toll. Numerous other attacks on the US by Islamic terrorists had occurred before that one. It's just that the one on 9/11 HAD to be taken seriously while the others didn't get a lot of media traction.
  • Yes without a doubt. The USA might be more hated now than in 2001.
  • It is a certainty while humanity exists in its present form.

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